Digital Media Studies ProgramEdit

 Question 1:  What is Digital Media Studies?Edit

              . What do you think? How would you describe this program?

Question 2:  I’m interested in studying media, but I also want to produce media myself (photo/video/sound/web/animation), is this program for me?Edit

.Yes! DMS is a good compromise between photo/video/media,etc..)

. It offers courses that involve media creation on various mediums

. And courses that focus more on the analysis of media in our society, propaganda, communication, etc...

.It covers an even wider spectrum, as it can be combined with graphic design / arts classes + social sciences

Question 3:  What types of things will I do in class? (project, lectures, papers, etc..)Edit

. Some courses are focused only on media production (web, audio, video, animation)

. Those course are usually in two parts, theory, and then labs to practice

. They also include major projects at the end, such as a full website, a short film, an audio piece/song/interviews, etc..)

. On the other hand, there will be courses that focus only on media in society

. Usually consist of lectures, class discussions/activities, films, debates, and research papers.

Question 4: What skills and knowledge do I need to have coming into the DMS program?Edit

. English BA requirements

. Willingness to explore with media tools

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