What is a MEDI course? What do students do in it?Edit

. DIGI course: (maybe some teachers can answer questions about what they seek to pass on to their students in their class) Oriented towards media creation.

.In upper levels, they bring the theory of the media courses and the knowledge in media production from the DM course together, for the production of major media projects based on the student's media literacy

What is a DIGI course? What do students do in it?Edit

. MEDI Courses: These courses are focused on the analysis of media

. Social media, Print Media. Radio. Television. Internet

. And how they relate to society in terms of culture, education, propaganda, communication.

. Focus on the “behind-the-scenes” of the mass media

. History of media

How can I complete my degree most efficiently?Edit

.Courses are not available every semester

. Lots of courses outside the DMS dept. are required to graduate: along with your DMS courses take some electives, upper-lvl electives, or the english courses each semester

.Wide of variety of courses that go well as elective for DMS students: Arts, Political Science, Creative Writing, Sociology, Theater, Photography, etc..

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